Left to right (top row): Chloe Yazdani, Janice Vegh, Frank Yazdani, Sue Parkes, Sharon Leyes (Reflexologist), Tanya Martin (Osteopathic Apprentice). Left to right (bottom row): Joanne Fearns, Shirley Heinen (Naturopath), Meaghan Esser (Nutritionist), Janet Esser

"You can't put a price on health."

At Bluewater Nutrition & Health, we believe that good health is one of the most valuable assets in one's life. Our mission is to help everyone achieve this goal.  

Our Holistic Clinic offers a Naturopathic Doctor, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Reflexologist, and a Live Blood Cell Technician.  

In addition, we offer a full line of natural health products including: vitamins, minerals, herbs, sports nutrition, cosmetics, organic food, and essential oils.

We believe everybody deserves to feel great and we want to do everything we can to assist you in your path to optimum health. 


Whether you wish to make an appointment with one of our clinicians, or you simply wish to drop in and inquire about a specific supplement, we look forward to helping you!

Located at 1249 London Rd, Sarnia ON (519) 336-5258